There is a special kind of advertise in Facebook Ads named Product Catalog. It works in a similar way to Google Shopping and the Dynamic Remarketing Ads in Google Ads, getting all your products information directly from your website using a XML archive.

Basically, the images, price, availability and even the product's name are automatically get from your website and turned into a dynamic carousel that shows the most relevant products to the user, using Facebook's data. One thing that most people don't know is that you don't need to use it only on Remarketing Campaigns (on users that have seen a specific product on your website). It can also be used on new users, based on user-interest.

This kind of advertise, just like Google's Dynamic Remarketing Ads, pass-by a few steps of the buying decision process (like product visualization and price checking) even before the user enters your website. Another interesting fact is that it directs the user to the specific product he (or she) was viewing on the ad, making the buying process much faster. 

Usually, this kind of advertise is one of the best-performing ads in Pareto's accounts, making it almost mandatory in any of our Facebook Ad Accounts.

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