This article aims to present the Card of Pareto Ads capable of identifying and denying fraudulent Display Network channels. This way, you can prevent fraud on the Google Display Network with just one click.

With a simple drag of a card, you can disable channels that do not bring any return and, thus, optimize your Google Ads account!

Display Network Fraud

Nowadays, the topic of fraud has been mentioned a lot in the newspapers, in big scandals with millionaire proportions. But, often, small frauds can go unnoticed in everyday life. Even within your Google Ads account.

When promoting a banner within the Google display network, the placement will be carried out in several channels that have provided spaces on your website for such disclosure, as shown in the image below.

However, some of these channels are created to take advantage, generating multiple false clicks on your banner. Which will consume your campaign budget quickly.

They are known as Fraudulent Channels. And how to identify these channels? For more information just access this other article that explains more about fraud on the Display Network.

How to disable Fraudulent Channels with Pareto Ads?

The same display campaign can generate impressions on thousands of channels daily, making this task complex and time-consuming, becoming a work of low human efficiency. But, what about software?

Pareto Ads can analyze your account, identifying signals from fraudulent channels several times during the day. When it has statistical confidence that the disclosed channel is malicious, it automatically creates a Card in Marketing Board, similar to this one:

Upon opening the Card, you will receive the following message:

“Possible fraud detected - Exclude website to save up to R $ XX annually

Fraudulent websites simulate they are real, with content and data specially placed there to pretend they are solid websites (with a lot of traffic). Don’t be fooled. Most of them are simply frauds. But a small portion might be real. That’s why we recommend you to go to the website below and check if you want to show your ads on it. If you don’t, just exclude it on the button at the end of this page."

With just one click on the “Exclude” key, you'll be able to exclude a malicious channel and save on your Display campaigns. If you prefer, you can simply drag the card to the “Done” column and the channel will be automatically excluded.

That way, you can prevent Display Network fraud with the help of Pareto Ads.

So, be sure to check the Cards generated by our software daily for your account. Just access the Marketing Board and find different insights and optimization options with just one click. Run there!

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