What is gender bid adjustment?

Have you ever thought about how the majority of your clients are male or female and it is hardly 50% exactly of each gender? Well, in Google Ads, we have access to this information. But how are we going to take advantage of this data to optimize campaigns?

With the help of bid adjustment by gender, it is possible to change the bids for men, women, and / or unknown, customizing each of the groups according to their performance. The "unknown" are people whose gender Google wasn't yet able to identify with statistical confidence, so this group can contain people of any gender.

With the help of your campaign data, you can have data to increase or decrease those bids, based on the metric you’re aiming for, whether CPA or ROAS. For example, let's say you have a men's clothing e-commerce, and believe your target audience that converts most is male. In order to confirm this, you can analyze the data that Google Ads displays. Then, you can increase bids for men, if those are the ones that convert the most, and reduce the bids for women, if they are an audience low return.

By doing these adjustments, it is possible to have more efficient campaigns, since the appropriate value for the keyword bids is being used, avoiding waste.

It is worth mentioning that this adjustment is valid for Search, Display and Video campaigns.

How can Pareto Ads help

It's important to analyze all cases with calculations and with statistics. Oftentimes, our intuition may not be the best in terms of results and performance for the account. And this is where Pareto Ads comes in. It scans the data in your campaigns and offers automatic suggestions for modifications for each gender, so as not to waste money on audiences with little return to your business. It can also take advantage of opportunities, offering greater bids if one gender performs better.

When it is determined that a gender doesn't match the expected performance, we can apply a bid reduction percentage to it. This percentage can reach up to -90%. In extreme cases, if one gender is too bad for the analyzed ad group, we can remove the gender altogether and prevent our ads from running to that audience.
You can also apply a positive bid adjustment by setting a percentage increase. For example, if your bid for a particular keyword is $ 0.80, you can apply a 20% increase for women in a given ad group. In this case, your bid would be $ 0.96 for women only.

This type of adjustment is implemented at the ad group level, and each can perform differently, depending on the product. So it is recommended that each ad group should be analyzed separately from the rest, in order to obtain the best possible performance for the account.

I like it! How do I implement this change?

In your Pareto Ads Marketing Board, see if an automatic card about bid adjustments for gender (example below) is in the “Inbox” column:

If you have one, just drag it to the “Done” column or press “Execute” and the adjustment will be done automatically! If you don't have one, stay calm, as our algorithms are still collecting data from your account and will only create the card when you are sure it will be an excellent opportunity for you.

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