Facebook Pixel and Conversion

The Facebook Pixel is analogous to the Google Analytics and AdWords tracking tag. It is a script that must be installed on your website to track any event you want to measure. Say you have an e-commerce and want to measure sales and revenue. In order to track these, you will need to install the Facebook pixel!

The installation process is relatively simple - but it's recommended that it is done by the technician responsible for your website! Don't let anyone else do this job. A mistake in changing the code can compromise other features of the website.

Why doesn't Pareto install Pixel for me?

Pareto does not manage your e-commerce / website. Because of this, we cannot be responsible for accessing the source code of your website and making an exchange on it. This is a job fot the IT team that manages all your digital infrastructure!

Simplifying Pixel installation

We created a well-explained article just to guide you in installing the Facebook pixel. To see it, click here!

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