You can quickly integrate your Google Analytics Account into Pareto Ads

1. Start off by checking out the Integration Settings of your account.

2. Select the Google Analytics option and integrate using an account that has the appropriate permissions and access;

3. After integrating, you need to ASSOCIATE your new account and set it up. To do this, visit to our Company Settings.

4. In the “Manage Your Channels” section, click on the Add Account button (right corner);

5. Now select the Google Analytics account you wish and click on the ASSOCIATE button. Wait for it to turn gray.

6. Almost done! Now you'll just need to configure which GOAL ID to import from Google Analytics. To do this, access your Settings.

7. In the section "Manage your accounts", hover over your Google Analytics account and click on the option that appears: EDIT SETTINGS

8. Now just select the account and the GOAL ID you want to use as a report!


Everything is ready for you to see the correct data in our amazing dashboards! 🤩

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