It is common for agencies and freelancers to create a page for your company, manage it and, after the end of the contract, you are left with no access to your own page. There are two ways to obtain ownership of a Facebook page:

  1. Get in touch with the current owner of the page and ask him to delete the page from his Business Manager (faster process);

  2. Open a dispute over the administration of the Page. You'll need to send a document to Facebook, stating that you are now the one who manages this page. After this submission, the Facebook team takes ownership of the current Business Manager (more time consuming process).

If the current owner of your page refuses to give you ownership, you must open an administrator dispute ticket. It is important to note that the process is slow and bureaucratic. Thus, it is important that it is done as soon as possible, so that no injury is inflicted to your work and brand.

Follow the instructions and necessary steps, with the information that must be included in the so-called Administrator Dispute.

The first necessary document is a notarized declaration, signed by a person with sufficient knowledge and authority over the ownership of your Page. This declaration must contain all applicable items:

  1. A description of your relation to the Page (including your authority to request the exchange of those who manage it);

  2. The names of the people currently managing the Page;

  3. The relation of these people to the Page;

  4. An explanation of your request, mentioning whether the employment and / or commercial relationship with the persons indicated above has been terminated;

  5. All documents that support the request and prove that the business is yours;

  6. The Facebook account or the email address associated with the Facebook account you want to add as a new Page administrator;

  7. A final note under penalty of false witness saying that the information you provided is true and accurate (the statement must use EXACTLY this expression: "I declare under penalty of false witness that the information I am providing is true and accurate").

In addition, you will need a copy of the ID of the person who signed the above statement. The document must be valid and must have been issued by an official entity, such as a driver's license or passport. Check out the different types of identity documents that Facebook accepts in the Help Center.

The second document is the information below:

  1. Page Name;

  2. Page URL;

  3. Applicant's name;

  4. Requestor's profile URL;

  5. Email access to the requestor profile;

  6. Description of the relationship between the Applicant and the Page;

  7. Name of the current administrator of the Page;

  8. Relationship between the current administrator and the Page.

After providing these documents, it is possible for Facebook to make additional requests. Providing the requested information does not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled. And, if the request is processed, only one administrator will be added to the Page. It will be up to the administrator to take the appropriate measures and manage the people who work on that Page.

If the second option is chosen, the process is slow and bureaucratic, so it is important to do this as soon as possible, so that work on the account can be resumed.

In case of any questions, please contact our team.

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