Boosting a publication on Facebook or Instagram is very simple. But it is not enough to just invest money, there are some factors that can make a difference. Therefore, we bring  you here a step by step to help you in this process. Let's go!

1) Post on Facebook or Instragram

The first step is to ensure that the post you want to promote is already published on your Instagram or Facebook. If it's not, publish in order to be able to promote it.

2) Select page

Open your Facebook page.

If you use the Facebook Business Manager, access the "Pages" section. Then, search and click on your company page, like in the image below.

3) Choose post

Underneath the post is a clickable button "boost publication".

(option 1) Search for post in feed

You can search for it in your Feed, as in the example below:

(option 2) Search for available publications

Click on "Promote" in the left-hand side menu of the page:

Then, choose: "Boost a post" or "Boost an Instagram Post"

Finally, choose the post you want to promote:

4) Determining the audience

In the pop-up window, you choose the most important part of the process: the audience.

Click on "Edit" or "Create new audience".

In this window, you pick a name, gender and age of the audience for your ads. 

Then, choose the location.

If your business is local, you can place a pin and select a radius near your business to ensure that your ads run only to people who can attend your business.

If your business is an e-commerce or a business that serves a larger region, you can choose to choose cities, states and even countries, as in the example:

Then, you can choose people's interests through "Detailed Targeting". Try choosing the audience that is most likely to buy and get involved with your business, so your budget will be well used. Take the time to explore the possibilities.

Finally, keep an eye on the size of your audience. Facebook itself already tells you if the audience is too broad or specific. Try to achieve a balance.

5) Automatic Placements

In this article, we suggest that you leave this setting on. You can see a preview of how your ads will appear on placements by clicking Preview, as in the print.

6) Duration and budget

Select how much you want to invest in the post and the number of days. Facebook will give you an estimate of how many people will be reached by the publication. The more attractive your publication is, the greater the reach of the ads. Facebook can increase the reach of your ad if your audience is interacting with your ad.

7) Payment 

Finally, choose the Payment Account, or set it up.

8) Click "Boost" and it's done!

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