Store Visits is Google’s new way to track how your Google Ads campaigns are influencing your offline conversions. That is, if you have a store, hotel, or physical space to receive customers, you can now find out if your online ads had any influence on user conversion.

For example, you have an e-commerce for women's clothing, and you recently launched a 50% OFF sale on all items. In your website, it sold almost nothing, but in physical stores, the sales skyrocketed. Before the implementation of the Store Visits function, we would say that Google Ads campaigns did not influence the offline sale of your products, but now, we can analyze which keywords and devices took customers to your store. Brilliant, right?

In order to enable this feature on your account, we need to comply with some Google requirements:

  • Have a Google My Business account connected to Google Ads, with several active locations. 90% of the locations must be in that GMN account.

  • Have thousands of clicks on your ads and viewable impressions of your banners on the Display network.

  • Having your offline sales data in your system, so they can be cross-referenced with clicks or impressions in your online campaigns.

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