Did you know that Pareto Workflow has several advantages over tools like Trello? Let's have a look at some of the incredible advantages that will help you in your day-to-day:

  1. You can manage priority tasks and even filter only the most important ones.

   2. You can manage your entire schedule directly in Workflow.

When you create a task there, you will already see a brief summary of how many tasks you have to do in the next few days!

   3. You have a brief summary of all activities done and categorized by the due date!

It is sad to say, but Trello and similar tools do not classify its closed activities. For any productive company, this makes a big difference!

    4. For each activity you complete, we will update the Leaderboard panel. Thus, your entire team will be able to dispute who is the MVP of the day, week, month and quarter.

    5. If your activities are up to date, Pareto Workflow will turn green, as in the image below.

    Now, if you have delayed tasks ... See for yourself!

6. Besides, have you ever thought about measuring your productivity?

In the cards, we have in the upper left corner a timer that will help you a lot with that. Just hit play and start doing the task. But don't forget to pause it when you're done, ok?

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