The Insights area on Pareto Ads acts as a thermometer of your account's daily performance. Whether with a daily, weekly or monthly view, this area can provide some valuable insights for optimizing your account. Let's see some examples!

Weekday Comparison

Weekday Comparison is the basic follow-up version of the media manager. Here you can monitor the average value of 2 metrics per day of the week and understand the relationship between them, their variations, and the best days of the week for each one. In the following example, we have Cost (in the columns) and Conversions (in the row).

Mondays and Tuesdays on this graph have an average cost value almost identical in the last 3 months. However, on Mondays we convert more - which means that we are paying less for that result. In this case, a simple and quick optimization is to use a positive bid adjustment for Mondays, as we have the potential to increase this volume of conversions.

You can still use the information in the chart to support more strategic decisions, such as:

  • What is the best day to launch a new product?

  • What is the best day to start a promotion?

  • And what is the best day to end the promotion?

  • Which day to choose to perform a maintenance on the site that compromises my performance less?

You can also use the area to support more aggressive changes to your account. For example: imagine that your Cost per Acquisition is much higher on weekends. Checking this information graphically, it is possible to opt for a strategy of complete negativity these days - something not always proposed by automations based on Artificial Intelligence, given the level of aggressiveness of the action.

Intraday Comparison

Look at the chart above. Until 9 pm today we had 0 clicks with an average of 184.78 in the last 90 days.

Although the graph itself is not intended to point out what the cause is, it quickly shows us that there is something wrong with the account.

To resolve this issue, we have many possibilities: the account has run out of balance, ads have been disapproved, campaigns have been completed or paused, among others.

Now… Have you ever imagined being able to detect this problem early in the day? Much easier to identify and correct the problem without losing a day of ads, isn't it? That's why Intraday Comparison metrics update every hour throughout the day! 🙌

Day of the Month Comparison

In this section, we bring a partial view of the month, counted from the beginning until the date before the analysis.

First, you can see this data compared to the history of the past 3 months.

In this case, we see that by the 11th day of the month, the account already has 17.2% more than the historical average of conversions.

However, for accounts that have strong seasonality between months, it is possible that the first comparison appears to be biased. Therefore, in the following graph, we compare it with the average value within the same month, based on the last 2 years.

In this case, we can observe that although we have almost tripled the amount invested ($ 1,838.20 vs. $ 513.80), we had only duplicate the number of conversions.

Here it is up to us to understand why we are paying more for the conversions. Some of the possibilities are: greater investment in top-of-funnel campaigns, strong entry of new competitors into the digital environment, market conditions, among others..

Cost Efficiency

Have you ever thought about having a complete view on the effectiveness of your keywords? In the Cost Efficiency section, you can see not only the cost incurred with search terms and keywords, but also other metrics of the conversion funnel: search volume, impressions, clicks and conversions.

Note, in this example, the search terms in purple and the keywords in green. Only 20.26% of the total cost is in keywords, generating 13 conversions. While the other 73.74% of the cost is in search terms that generated 79 conversions.

This is an insight that requires a more detailed analysis of the search terms activated by your campaigns.

  • Which ones are converting?
    It may be interesting to add them as keywords, since we have no control over how much we pay in search terms, but in keywords yes. Be sure to take a look at the New Keyword Found cards on your Marketing Board, see? They already do this job for you! Just approve what good search terms you want to include in the campaign! 😉

  • Which ones are spending without conversion?
    Do they make sense for your business? Here, we recommend intensifying the negativity of search terms. From the simplest, like terms "free", "free" and their variants, as well as terms like "in person" in case your business offers only online services. In fact, always keep an eye on the Daily Search Term Check cards on your Marketing Board! They will help you quickly identify terms that are printing a lot, so you can negate them before they even consume a lot of your campaign budget! 😍

These were some examples of ideas that we can come up with after analyzing Insights from Pareto Ads. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us through the platform support or contact your Account Manager.

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