HotSpots are a way to signalize that an important event has happened, something that may influence your ad performance or even your business.

indicators that a client's action may have influence on your performance. The applications are many: "website tracking fix", "digital influencers campaign", "TV commercial aired" and so on. With this feature, over 96% of our clients admitted to have reviewed their Marketing Strategy after using the Pareto HotSpot.

How to Add HotSpots?

  1. Open your Client's Dashboard;

  2. Click on the + button, on the left-bellow corner. Then, click on the first icon (the one on top);

  3. Fill the fields: HotSpot Name, Category and Start Date (all mandatory). You may also add a End Date and a Description, if you wish;

  4. Click on Create HotSpot.

Now, you can see a white dot on the graph, on the day you selected as "Start Date"

How to exclude HotSpots?

  1. Open your Client's Dashboard;

  2. Go to the end of the page, on HotSpot History;

  3. Pass your mouse over the HotSpot you wish to delete and click on the bin icon;

  4. Confirm by clicking on Delete.

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