In many cases, you may want to share your Pareto Ads' Workflow with users that are not on your Team. For instance, when a agency needs to share just one of their Client's Marketing Board with them - so the client can see all the cards and data in it.

First, you need to have Admin-level permission on your Team on Pareto Ads. Also, the user whom you wish to share your Marketing Board must be registered on the platform.

Check if you are with the "Agency Mode" option activated on the Settings section:

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Access your client's Company Settings menu (the one you wish to give access to);

  2. On Company Contacts, click on Add a New Contact;

  3. Fill the fields: Contact Name and Email (mandatory). You may also add a Role, Phone Number and some Fixed Notes, if you wish to;

  4. Click on the red key next to Associate user to the client, it will turn green;

  5. Click on Save;

You're all done!

The person that received the access isn't notified automatically. So, you must let the user know that he can now access the Marketing Board. In the same way, the user will not be notified if you remove them.

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