Pareto Ads offers the possibility for you to add several users to your Team. See in this other article how to add new users to your team. Once your team is already registered on the platform, the management possibilities are endless. Below, we cite some examples.

Add a user from your team as a Client Manager

  1. Go to the client's Company Settings menu

  2. Click on the Account Managers row

  3. Select the user (s) you want to assign as the client's manager(s)

  4. Click Close

Add tags to a user group

  1. Go to your team's Users menu

  2. Click Add Tags to add as many tags as you want to a particular user.
    (Your user must be an admin to make these changes)

Filter Workflow Information by user

On your Workflow, access the 3 filter lines in the upper right corner and select one of the options below:

  • Manager filter: filter all activities (one-clicks and manual cards) of customers that the user is added as Account Manager.

  • Classification filter: filter all manual activities that a specific user group is responsible for.

  • Assignee filter: filter all manual activities for which a user is responsible.

Now, it is much easier for you, the manager, to follow the work of your team, and for you, Account Manager, to manage the optimizations of your client portfolio.

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