Just remembering, the Pareto platform has a hierarchical logic: the profile of 1 customer can have several associated ad accounts.

In the image below we see 1 Pareto.io client (hint: the client's name is the one that doesn't have icons on the left side) with two associated accounts (1 Pareto Group from Google Ads and 1 from Facebook Ads)

For the best use of the platform, we recommend that for each client you manage, you create a new Company, instead of associating accounts of different clients in the same Company in Pareto Ads. That way, you will be able to visualize the data more clearly, besides to not affecting the functioning of our algorithms.

Create a new Company: Step by Step

  1. Access the Company Setting Menu.

  2. At the bottom of the page, click the Add New Company button (in the right corner).

  3. Fill in the name of your new Company.

  4. Click to Save.

  5. In the section Manage Your Channels, click on Add Account to associate the Google and Facebook accounts linked to this new Company.

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