The Company menu is where you will manage all of your customers' strategic information, in addition to associating ad accounts (Manage Your Channels). Only from the moment that this association of accounts is made here in the Company menu that our algorithms start to read your data and suggest the best optimizations in your Workflow.

In addition, in this menu you can manage a variety of strategic information, such as Budget Goals, Conversions, ROAS, CPA, among others - for the company as a whole or for platform specific ad accounts. That life of having to search for two groups of messages, endless threads of e-mails or that post-it that was left on your office computer to find out what the lead goal or the approved budget for next month is, is over. 🙌🙌

Company Settings

Here you will have the main information for identifying your customer. The name displayed in the account selector, the business segment, who is the user of your team responsible for managing it and even your monthly budget based on the defined goals.

Company Contacts

If you are an Agency, this section allows you to share the vision of a specific client within Pareto Ads with your client. That way, there is no need for you to add new users to your Team.

For this, it is necessary that you have Agency Mode enabled in the Settings section and that your end customer has already registered with Pareto Ads.

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Remember that, for security reasons, only emails that have direct access to accounts on the respective ad platforms will be able to see your data in Pareto Ads.

Company Goals

This is the section that will make you abandon your notebooks. Here, you can have a historical record of all your client's goals - either for the account as a whole or for specific channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Google Analytics). You will be able to register not only the current goals, but also future goals, for the next year for example, or old goals, for registration.

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Manage Your Channels

Here you will finish the account association process, by clicking on the Add Account button, check out the tutorials below if you have any specific questions.

Only after finalizing the association of accounts and deleting the Example accounts will you be able to take advantage of all other areas in the best way.

Linked Analytics

Once you have associated your Google Analytics in the previous section, here you must select your account here so that the data is correctly displayed on your Dashboard.

If your data is still not displayed, check that the association was made correctly. Google Analytics has an additional integration step for correct selection of the View and Goals as can be seen in this tutorial.

This will allow you to monitor traffic metrics like Sessions, Users, New Users and Pageviews along with your performance data for specific ad accounts. Not only that, but you can also calculate your Cost per Goal (CPA) from your conversion goals and also your overall ROI directly from GA.

Strategy Notes

In this area, you can add records of the account strategies validated with your customer. If you have shared the Workflow with your end customer, do not worry, the information contained here can be displayed only to users of your team, without your customer having access.

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