In the Settings menu, you can view the number of users on your team in a consolidated manner, in addition to being able to edit the default currency for viewing the data on the platform.

Tip: by default, Pareto Ads data from both Dashboard and cards are shown in the same currency as your ad accounts are set up.

In addition, it is in the Settings menu where you can activate your Account Type (Agency or Final User).

Agency Mode allows you not only to add a new Company to manage within Pareto Ads, but also to Share the visualization of a specific Company with your end customer. This way, your customers will also be able to follow the Dashboard and the cards generated for their account, without having to add them as users on your Team.

Important: for security reasons, only emails that have access to accounts on the respective ad platforms will be able to see your data in Pareto Ads. 🔒👀

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