We know that budgeting is a very strategic part of any ad account. Failing to spend part of the monthly budget can be as bad as exceeding the forecasted budget. (Not counting exceeding the budget, but not bringing results in conversions 😱).

The Forecast area brings projections of the main metrics for the end of the current month. It is also important to note that we analyze your data in different time windows throughout the month, which makes our projection much more accurate and capable of perceiving even small variations in the indicators. 😎

Observe this example: Until today the account had a cost of $13,800. It is estimated that, at the end of the month, the total cost of the account is $26,100 and this value is already approximately 100% of the average cost of the account for the last 3 months ($26,077). In other words, in this case, if there is no change in the monthly budget, the account has the budget within the forecast for the history.

Now also observe the projection of Conversions. In this case, the account currently has 183.9 conversions and the estimate is 356.4 by the end of the month. This value is 8% higher than the average for the last 3 months (331.5).

So, we can understand that this account is being more effective and bringing more conversions at the same cost as in previous months!

Likewise, it is possible to understand when an account is designing complicated scenarios, to facilitate preventive rather than corrective management.

The Forecast area also brings your campaign data detailed in our Campaigns and Groups section - so you can monitor the projection at an even more granular level! Here you can analyze the performance by campaign, making it easier to decide on any preventive measures, so that your final result is achieved.

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