The Pareto Ads Workflow is the simplest way for you to manage your Digital Marketing activity flows. In it, you can manage your day-to-day tasks, meetings with external teams or even prepare a Performance Report for your Manager.

More than that, the Workflow is where you can save your time for analysis and optimization, as it is the cradle of our automatic suggestions. (Yes! You can write a meeting minutes and optimize your account at the same time! Incredible, isn't it?)

Automatic Campaign Optimization

Every day our algorithms will analyze all your campaign data and suggest the best optimizations for your accounts. These suggestions go up as cards in the Inbox column of your Workflow. With just one click, you can run the card or drag it to Done's column, and you're done! The optimization has already been applied directly to your ad account.

Now imagine just how much time Pareto Ads will help you save with micro analysis and account optimization? We not only imagine, we also calculate:

Don't worry if your cards are slow to appear after integrating your accounts. From the moment you associate your ad accounts, our algorithms take up to 24 hours to read your data and generate suggestions.

But remember that the purpose of Pareto Ads automations is to increase your performance and productivity, based on quality, not quantity. Therefore, we work with machine learning and statistical algorithms to generate only suggestions with statistical confidence.

Likewise, don't worry if a card you left to look at later is no longer available today. Our algorithms update your analysis daily to give you only the relevant suggestions at that time. If your card is no longer there, it is because the suggestion has already been updated.

Find out more how One-Click Cards are generated in this article.

Manual Workflow Management

You can also use the Workflow to manage your tasks and organize your work routine. In our framework it is possible to manage hundreds of accounts at the same time, using several filter options, and even use it as CRM as some of our customers do.

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