Through the Pareto Dashboard you are able to have a single and / or consolidated view of your aggregated data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. To do this, just adjust the account selector to the Company view (the one that does not have any platform icons) or to the view of specific accounts (those with platform icons) if you want to monitor them separately.

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Once you have selected the view you want to analyze, in the Overview field you can select any two metrics to analyze on the graph. Choose a time range option to aggregate your data by Hour of Day, Day, Week, Month or Quarter.

If you want, you can also adjust your view of the graph, zooming in on the most important parts, choosing a column view or even transforming your data into a table to cross with other information. To perform this action, simply select the desired option within the graph. With the internal selector of the Select Some Items button, you can also track the performance of a campaign or a specific audience in isolation, with the same viewing options.

The following section, from Big Numbers, allows you to choose which metrics you want to monitor daily, and the options range from consolidated Investment metrics from the Google and Facebook platforms, to ROI metrics from Google Analytics. More than that, you can compare them with your account history, either in the period before the one selected or with the same dates in the previous year! To do this, just click on the % next to the largest number, which is shaded in green or red.

Campaigns and Groups

In addition to the historical visualization in the graph, we bring all the consolidated information directly into the table, where you can select the metrics of your choice and even sort the data by clicking on the title of each column. You can also change your campaigns' status and daily budget directly from the Pareto Ads table. You don't even have to leave the platform!

Pareto Segments

Have you ever imagined how good it would be to visualize the performance of each stage of the sales funnel simply and quickly, consolidating data from Google and Facebook? Or, have you ever thought how incredible it would be to be able to analyze the performance of each of your products, in a segmented way? With Pareto Segments, these became easy tasks!

Observe how in a few seconds your data is consolidated. (Learn more about how to consolidate your data in this tutorial)

VoilĂ !

Pareto Hotspot

With Pareto Hotspot you can keep track of whether your Marketing strategies are having the expected effect on paid media performance. More than that, it is also possible to register major changes Online and Offline of the company, such as changes of the Brand, advertisements on TV and / or corrections on the website. It is no wonder that more than 86% of our customers admitted to reviewing their marketing strategy after using Pareto HotSpot.

Examples of HotSpots are many, from "fixing problems in crawling the site", "action with digital influencers" to "advertising on TV" or some change in your market. Are you interested? Learn more about How to Create and Manage Hotspots.

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