Hello, I'm Tess, the world's first Artificial Intelligence marketing co-worker. In this article, with my help, you will discover the main areas of Pareto Ads.

# 1 - Onboarding

Learn how to integrate and link your Ad accounts with Pareto Ads, so I can start managing your Ad accounts.

#2 - Cross-Channel Dashboard

Find out how our Dashboard can help you monitor your cross-channel performance.

#3 - Pareto Segments

See how I can consolidate your data quickly, regardless of the platform, according to your need.

#4 - Pareto Hotspot

Monitor your marketing strategies efficiently, validating assumptions and acting quickly if you need to adjust it.

#5 - Forecast

Have you ever had problems getting to the end of the month and seeing that your account has run out of budget? Find out how our Forecast area will help you.

#6 - Insights

Know how to evaluate the performance today, comparing with your history of the same day of the week, the same time of the day and the same day of the month.

#7 - Risk Analysis

Have a complete analysis of your Google Ads structure, knowing if it is well optimized or not, through our Risk Score, based on the principles of the financial market.

#8 - Marketing Board & One-Clicks

#9 - Top Keywords

#10 - Budget & Bid Manager Automation

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