In this article, we have separated the main questions in the usage of the Pareto Ads platform. Thus, we hope to help you with the best use of all its features.

1 – “The data shown is not from my campaigns.”

Usually, this occurs because you haven't deleted the "Example" account, which already comes with simulated data to present the platform. If this is your case, go to the "Company" tab and delete the example accounts, keeping only your real accounts.

If your ad account is selected, and the data is not correctly plotted, review all the integration and association processes of your apps.

2 – “I've completed the integration process, but I'm still not seeing my data properly.

Maybe you are still with the "Example" account selected. If this is your case, go back to step 1.

3 – “How do I start using the platform?

If you're new to Pareto Ads, don't worry! We are always here to help you.

The most important step in this initial process is to integrate and associate all of your ad accounts and apps at our app store (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics). By doing so you will be able to have your data integrated and associated.

4 – “I tried to open Risk Analysis but it returned an error.

This Pareto Ads tab was made exclusively for the Google Ads account. Our platform has the following hierarchy:

Check if you are at Google Ads account level instead of Client level. Then just select the Google account and the data will appear.

As an example, in the Pareto account, you should select the one where the Google Ads symbol appears:

If you are already with the Google Ads selected in the menu and the data still doesn't show then try to refresh the page by clearing the cache (press CTRL+F5 to do so).

5 – “Google Analytics data error at the Campaign Manager

When Google Analytics data doesn't show at the Campaign Manager it means that Google Analytics configuration needs to be applied (or redone, if you have already completed this process before).

In some cases, you need to redo the integration by going to the App Store Menu -> Google Analytics -> Sign In

To associate Google Analytics for the first time, go to Company -> Manage your Channels

6 - “Is the Pareto Ads platform only available in English?

It is quite simple to set up the language in Pareto Ads. Click on your profile picture, in the bottom left corner, and then on Settings. The first selection option is regarding "Google Auto Translator", in which you can select your desired language.

7 – “The following error has occurred: Error Load All Accounts.

This error means that in the menu upper right corner of your screen you have All Accounts selected. This is because the Dashboard area works to plot information from only one company. So if you select a company from that menu, the error is solved.

Check Pareto's example below, you should select the view (which has no icon indicating it is a Google or Facebook account).

8 – “How long does it take for Cards to go up on the Marketing Board?

This process takes up to 24 hours after the accounts are connected and integrated into the platform. However, if the accounts do not yet have enough data volume our algorithm may not have enough statistical confidence to propose any optimization.

9 – “My Cards from yesterday are gone.”

The algorithm updates suggestions every day. The purpose of Pareto Ads automation is to increase your performance and productivity. That's why we work with machine learning/statistical algorithms and don't just use a rules system.

If you have any other questions, talk to us clicking the chat button here on the right. We will be happy to help you! :)

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